iSCF Capital - About us


iSCF Capital Limited (iSCF), a subsidiary of the Tawreeq Holdings group, based in the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC), UAE, and regulated by the Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA), specializes in funding deals in Supply Chain Finance (SCF), dealing in investments as agent and matched principal, and managing underlying portfolio of SCF assets for its clients. iSCF Capital Limited connects buyers and their suppliers with regional and international investors to facilitate sustainable trade for regional businesses.

iSCF Capital Limited arranges and manages programs based on extensive expertise in the SCF area to offer Corporates and Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) quick and cost-effective relief from the rigid cash flow cycle while supporting them to meet their liquidity requirements.

iSCF Capital Limited presents the Tawreeq Marketplace, a global marketplace for working capital that bridges the gap between businesses and Funders. The cloud-based platform gives businesses access to liquidity while connecting Financial Institutions (Funders) to underlying competitive yielding opportunities in Supply Chain Finance transactions.

iSCF’s expertise in structuring Supply Chain Finance brings to the cloud-based Tawreeq Marketplace sophisticated structuring and know-how to ensure that all listed transactions made available to Funders, have been constructed using global best practices.

iSCF Capital Limited aims to bridge the gap in the market between businesses and Funders through the efficient and effective application of Supply Chain Finance. Tawreeq Marketplace matches businesses’ needs for working capital liquidity with Funders looking for an alternative asset class.

iSCF Capital Limited is a subsidiary of Tawreeq Holdings Limited, with subsidiaries in the UAE, Luxembourg and Morocco. Tawreeq Holdings Limited specializes in comprehensive SCF solutions for SMEs and their corporate clients across the MENA region, while offering alternative Islamic financial instruments for investors.

iSCF Capital Limited is aligned with the group’s vision and mission to be the leading SCF solutions provider.