iSCF Capital - Why Tawreeq Marketplace
The stakeholders of Tawreeq Marketplace include large Corporates and their Supplier network and Financial Institutions, which are interested in structured liquidity solutions and investments in underlying SCF assets. Tawreeq Marketplace facilitates the requirements of businesses and funders by offering an efficient, streamlined and standardized process for the sale and funding of underlying invoices (SCF generated assets including Accounts Receivables and Accounts Payables) through flexible and transparent process flows.

Online on-boarding with thorough compliance review process

Transaction-based financing for working capital needs

Transparent, streamlined and swift transaction process

Competitive pricing for all stakeholders

SCF transactions, acceptable for Islamic banks and fund managers

Diverse and dynamic pool of high quality investment-grade assets

Standardized and comprehensive documentation and legal structure

Advanced technology with bank-grade security and efficient process flows

Independent Custodian Banks are appointed to manage the assets and liquidity in different jurisdictions

Collaborating with third party administrator to ensure the comfort and ease of transacting