iSCF Capital Tawreeq Marketplace, global working capital marketplace

Tawreeq Marketplace is a state-of-the-art marketplace for working capital liquidity that enables the sale and funding of Supply Chain Finance (SCF) assets. The cloud-based platform delivers an efficient and transparent process to link businesses to liquidity, while Funders benefit from the availability of high-quality, diverse pool of assets for lucrative short-term investments.

Tawreeq Marketplace streamlines SCF operations and transactions, converting complex, multi-layered documentation into a simple, timely and transparent online process. Tawreeq Marketplace is a first-of-its-kind platform, offering SCF solutions that facilitate access to working capital liquidity to public and private Corporates and their supplier network across diverse solutions.

Tawreeq Marketplace provides business with access to liquidity with competitive pricing through transaction-based SCF solutions, including Factoring (Receivables Finance) and Reverse Factoring (Payables Finance). On the other edge of the spectrum, Tawreeq Marketplace offers Financial Institutions access to high-quality short-term asset class at competitive returns.

Optimizing liquidity with structured working capital

solutions and delivering convenient funding

opportunities in Supply Chain Finance



Obligors and their network of Suppliers register swiftly and efficiently online. iSCF Capital Limited oversees the automated screening and compliance, finalizes the due diligence and assessment and on-boards high-rated Obligors to Tawreeq Marketplace.


Following their account activation, Obligors/Suppliers submit their transactions (Payables/Receivables) on Tawreeq Marketplace for funding.


iSCF Capital reviews and confirms the invoices and submits the transactions to Funders.


Funders access the detailed review and reports on the Obligors offered on Tawreeq Marketplace to select transactions and complete their assessment and due diligence.


Upon confirmation of the selected transactions, Funders transfer the required funds to the Custodian Bank.


The Custodian Bank disburses the received funds to the Suppliers/Exporters of the selected Obligors, while Tawreeq Marketplace provides detailed updates to all participants.


On maturity, Obligors make the settlement to the Custodian Bank and the principal and profits are distributed to Funders.